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Halloween Costume Reveals First Look of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Movie

Overnight, as the story went viral online in the TMNT universe via social media, the licensee politely informed us that Viacom (Paramount Studios) requested for them to contact us immediately in an attempt to remove the image that we suggested yesterday could be an indication of what we’re in store for in the upcoming June 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
If we ever needed any proof that the image that you saw here first on our Turtles site yesterday was in fact, a representation of the imagery of the Turtles from the upcoming movie, we now have it!


Just when you thought the gossip and chatter had died down about the upcoming Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles movie…

Holy Cowabunga!

Someone has unveiled a first look glimpse at the designs of the Turtles themselves from the upcoming live action Paramount Studios / Platinum Dunes  re-boot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise. Just a few weeks ago, we were talking about some of the new toys designed for the movie coming out this summer. There weren’t any pictures of the toys, but it was still nice to just be given a sense for the new design of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thankfully, today we can show you something that will really give you a sense for what to expect.


Produced by Michael Bay, and written by screenwriters Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, and Evan Daugherty, the new Turtles movie is set for release at some point in 2014 starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and Whoopi Goldberg.


Paramount Studios has been very quiet about the new Turtles movie to date.  Fans of the Turtles haven’t yet seen so much as a teaser trailer for the upcoming film yet.  There is no idea what the Turtles in the new film will even look like either.  Will the Turtles be faithful in comparison to the characters created by Turtles creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?  Or will Paramount be giving to us Turtles fans something in a similar look as the Turtles from the 1990’s Hollywood live action films?


TMNT fans have expressed great outrage and anger on the internet since the Paramount announcement of the film’s production, producer, director, and stars, and not knowing what the Turtles will look like all of this time in the aftermath of those official announcements, has given many a Turtle fan a bad taste in their mouth.


Then along comes the 2014 TMNT Halloween costumes.  Sent out on the internet by a costume company (by mistake), we now are able to get a first glimpse as to what our  Ninja Turtles will look like in the upcoming Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls, Battle of Los Angeles) directed Turtles film.   Get ready to be surprised Turtles fans….



The 2014 Turtles are a bit different from the Turtles we all fell in love with in the 1980’s.  These 2014 Turtles, have loin clothes and back packs.   Yet, these TMNT Halloween costumes with their “stuffable shells” look much more lifelike than other TMNT costumes that have since come and gone from the market.


If we’re to assume that these costumes are a direct reflection of the Turtles that we’ll see in the upcoming 2014 movie, then we could assume that our Turtles are cut, ripped, muscled and ready to kick some Shredder butt! Going off of this Michelangelo Turtles costume design, it’s difficult to know for certain if in fact this imagery will be reflected directly in the new Paramount Turtles movie, but it is a pretty safe bet.   We’re unveiling the Michelangelo image today, but don’t worry Turtles fans, we’ll be revealing the other Turtles shortly.


The coolest thing about this new Turtles look is that Paramount really seems to be taking a more authentic Samurai Warrior/ Japanese culture approach toward the Turtles and we think that is a pretty cool thing.  It would certainly be consistent in regards to original vision of Turtles creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, wouldn’t it?


There are some Turtles fans that have expressed outrage over a re-design of the look of our Turtles for the upcoming film, and while there are those that would argue that this isn’t a “good idea”, we happen to really like these re-designs here at   So, what do you think?   Will these designs give the Turtles the 2014 edge in the new Paramount Turtles movie?   Or are these unacceptable in the Turtles universe?   Tell us what you think here.

The Author

Justin W

Justin W

My name is Justin Wren and I love to write about the TMNT! I've been a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan since the late 80's. Back then, I would watch the original animated series and play with the Playmates toys all the time. I have been following the boys ever since I was a kid, and I'm very happy to see them back in the limelight after all these years. Needless to say, I'm proud to be a member of the team on this awesome TMNT Fan Site!

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  • Is he wearing….biker shorts? No no no no no no no no

    • Derek Evans

      Not shorts, ripped pants

  • Jon Olen

    This is absolutely horrendous. Are we now to assume that The Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man was really their father this whole time? Did they just copy and paste his body, remove a tail and add a shell? And Matthew McConaughey’s wardrobe?

    • Dan Eccleston

      The lizard in spiderman was ridiculous.. as is the Rhino… create the characters for the fans… not the gormless fools that just wanna go and see a beat up movie!

      • Michael Mah’moud

        i thought the Lizard and Rhino are pretty going to be pretty great and look pretty faithful to the comics in looks(Lizard looks like the original Steve Ditko look for the Lizard and Rhino looks like Ultimate Rhino with more details like a Russian star on the left arm while Aleksei Sytsevich looks like how he looks without the Rhino suit in Amazing Spider-Man#617 and 625 with more Russian/gang related tattoos and smaller) and look better.. honestly I’ll wait and see before I judge the TMNT look on a Halloween costume

      • theaceofknaves

        yes for the fans… who make up about 2% of the cinema going public.

        • Cheese

          yes because if you aren’t a fan of something, of course you are going to go see it.

    • Dork Diggler

      “The Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man was really their father this whole time?”

      Possibly. Hollywood IS pretty progressive on this sort of thing. Whatever happened to the traditional nuclear family?

  • Babs Bunny

    That is just too hideous.

  • missaw

    dislike my friends big dislike…. dont let us down plz,, make it like the classical movie using techonolgy to make it more real….its not too much to ask.

    • Mfn EX

      It Is Too Much To Ask… It’s Michael Bay. Destroyer Of What Could Be Great.

      • Brutal2D

        Micheal Bay isn’t directing it.

  • Derek Evans

    Doesn’t look half bad, it’s how a lot of teenagers dress today…this isn’t the 80s/90s anymore people…

    • Mfn EX

      But The Turtles, Normally, Never Wore Clothes… And They didn’t Have Lips, They Had “Beaks”.

      • vfxfan

        Beaks can’t emote though because they are rigid. These characters have to laugh and emote and smile

        • Mfn EX

          Why Can They Not? They Always Have…

      • j@ker

        umm hence it being a mutation,normally being mutated means some parts of your body can and will look different and take different shapes.

      • Im_not_Spider_Man

        Technically, in the original TMNT comic books, they didn’t really have beaks or lips. I suppose it was their face that came to a point of sorts that sort of resembled a beak, but…still not really a beak.

    • Brutal2D

      It’s not the “clothes” (if you call what looks like a wet suit bottom that comes really short end on one side and long on the other) because when I think of what a turtle needs….it’s not a wet suit. and a sweatshirt, that wouldn’t even fit him is the actual complaint here. Also the straps? Why is Mikey wearing straps he uses the nun chucks. Leo and Donnie wear the straps because their weapons go on the their back.

      So please, do not make such bold accusations people are hating it because “muh nostalgic” people are not liking it because it literally is horrible design choices.

      The tattoo is stretching it but makes sense I guess? Who the hell would be able to give him a tattoo? Donnie? I’m more interested in this story than I am for the actual plot of the movie at the moment. I’m generally curious how that went down.

      • Derek Evans

        They are all supposedly going to wear samurai gear, so straps could fit into that category. And it doesn’t matter if the hoodie fits him, he may tie it around his waist because he thinks it’s hip and cool. Mikey has a surfer/hipster type personality so his gear/clothing fit that personality.

        • Brutal2D

          I replied but I guess mod didn’t like it.

          To summarize: No, not all of them look like samurais (which by the way sounds retarded since they’re…you know…ninjas) Donnie and Ralph are suppose to look a lot different as well (check out the front page, there’s an article that describes their appearances.

          Also, I find it ironic you said earlier: “this isn’t the 80s/90s anymore people”

          And now is saying: “he may tie it around his waist because he thinks it’s hip and cool.”

          No one has done that as a fashion statement since the 80’s/90’s and is not considered cool. I would know, I went through that phase.

          WHERE do you come off calling Mikey a hipster? I don’t think you know what that word means.

          • Derek Evans

            A hipster uses a melting pot of tastes, styles, and behavior which looks like that’s what Mikey is doing….so yeah, that’s where I get off calling Mikey a hipster. He’s taking style and behaviors from multiple generations nd making them his ownn don’t like it? Dont watch it…sitting here bitching about it won’t fix or change anything

          • Brutal2D

            “A hipster uses a melting pot of tastes, styles, and behavior” “He’s taking style and behaviors from multiple generations nd making them his own”

            A hoodie, sunglasses and bike short things are from multiple generations? lol what?

            “Dont watch it…sitting here bitching about it won’t fix or change anything”

            Whoa, easy there bleeding heart. Why don’t you breath in a paper bag for a while and calm those frail nerves?

            I can say what I want, because that’s kinda the perk of internet comments. Don’t like it? Don’t read them…sitting here getting butt hurt about it wont fix or change anything.

            See what I did there? Doing what you did and reversed it? I know, pointing out hypocrisy is so cliche’

          • Bob Don’t worry about it

            Brutal2D, I love you. Way to expose Derek as the idiot that he is.

    • Andrew Büttasse

      A lot of teenagers today dress like 80s/90s grunge?

      • Derek Evans

        Do you get out much?? Yeah, tons of teenages take from past generations and mix it with today’s style. I have friends who wear grunge

        • Andrew Büttasse

          Ease up on the question marks, Johnny. No, I don’t hang out with teens because I’m an adult male. I was actually just asking you a question.

          • Darren Cruz

            just because someone’s an adult doesn’t mean they don’t know about todays fashion or dont know how to dress “hip.”

          • Derek Evans

            I’m a 31 year old male who teaches band…I know what kids dress like these days. Being an adult male is no excuse for not knowing about the current fashion trends and what is hip

      • Mark

        In the 1990’s there was a lot of tie dye (a throwback to the 60’s).
        In the 2000’s there was a lot of disco clothing (70’s)
        In the 2010’s, there are skinny jeans, colorful sneakers and Wayfarers. (The 1980’s)

        The 2020’s will produce flannel and other things from the 1990’s. Its an obvious cycle.

  • Johnny

    I agree, this is a new era of kids. I’m sure most people think Yo Gabba Gabba looks crazy, but it’s a new time and there’s a reason why kids like watching it.

  • GodsAdvised

    I can get past the clothes, and chain, and sunglasses (for all that sunlight in the sewer), and apparently the arm tattoo (lots of tattoo parlors in the sewer)…but the mouth…the mouth looks strange

    • Mfn EX

      I Concur!

  • DrDino

    You are all basing your hate for the new Turtles design on a horrible child’s costume… Grow up and just wait to see the real thing.

    • Andy

      This. I am not the biggest fan of this reboot but hating it based on that picture is retarded

      • Mfn EX

        I’m Not Hating The Reboot, I’m Disgusted By The Design Of The Turtles… And Megan Fox Playing April.

        I Loved What I Saw Of The Turtle Lair. Have You Seen Set Photos?

    • Brutal2D

      How about you grow up and let us hate things in peace.

      • j@ker

        how about you stop being a whiny little cry baby.

        • Brutal2D

          How about you stop crying about me being whiny so I can cry like a baby in peace.

          • Jared Waller

            Haha, you sir are a badass^

      • Bob Don’t worry about it

        Brutal2D, you are the f***ing man lol

    • tmnt

      because it’s based on the real thing.. smart man..

    • Dork Diggler

      Here be wisdom. None of you haters even know the true story behind TMNT.

      • Brutal2D

        Lol what?

      • Geekbot

        Tip your fedora and move along.

        • Dork Diggler

          Here’s lookin at you kid…

  • Joshua

    I don’t like the fact that they have backpacks but other then that I am hopeful

  • Sindred

    I love how all of these fans of the late 80s cartoon are bitching about change. You must not have a single idea of how much change has happened to these guys since the original comic. Even between the 2003 cartoon, which was more faithful to the original comic than the 80s tune. And still people cry foul.

    • Jon Olen

      I’m fine with change. I read the comic now, and love the way they are portrayed. I expected beefier elbow pads and whatnot. But not this. Not bike shorts.

      • Brutal2D

        Which one? There’s the main series and then the animated adventures. Both done by IDW

    • Mfn EX

      I Love Change. The Way Nickelodeon Is Doing Them Is The Best They’ve Ever Been Done, And Is Truly Awesome.

      This Looks Like Garbage.

      • GodsAdvised

        Mfn EX knows what he is talking about. I’ve seen EVERY movie and cartoon that has been put out under the TMNT name…and when I see this costume, I don’t see TMNT. Now, maybe it’s just because it’s a kids costume, or a fake, or a bad picture but it’s not inspiring much confidence that this is what we’ve seen that is linked to the movie and this is the way the turtles look. I’m doing my best to reserve judgement…but at this point it’s getting really hard. Platinum Dunes needs to put out some official pictures video and get out in front of things like this.

        • Fat Head Frank

          I actually think it might be a ploy to go for the younger generation. This is essentially “Shrek on a Diet.”

          • GodsAdvised

            Except that the new cartoon has been extremely popular and successful with a new generation…and the turtles still look like turtles.

        • Mfn EX

          The Face Looks Like They Modeled Their Looks After The Goomba From The Old Mario Brothers Movie.

          BTW, I Don’t Know If Where Your Childhoods Lay, But Let Us Not Forget How We Were F’d Over With The Dragonball Movie…

          • Mfn EX

            And I’m Not Saying Bay Did Dragonball. I’m Saying That Idiot Dicks F’n Childhood Memories Can Happen.

          • Dork Diggler

            You have to admit, Piccolo was amazing!

          • Mfn EX

            That’s A Crock. He Looked Like Crap.

          • Dork Diggler

            But that’s how he looked in real life. The DBZ cartoon version was a farce.

      • Dork Diggler

        “The Way Nickelodeon Is Doing Them Is The Best They’ve Ever Been Done”

        This only holds true for those on a steady diet of acid trips.

        • Brutal2D

          Or people who actually know what they’re talking about.

          • Dork Diggler

            There might be some overlap there.

          • Mfn EX

            Or You Just Love The Bay Teet…

            Go Pray To Your Bay And Thank Him For Casting Megan Fox As April, Which Is Also A Fckn Joke…

          • Dork Diggler

            So articulate!

          • Brutal2D

            Yeah, one group has actually watched the show, the other moan about an old show they more than likely barely remember.

            Newsflash: it’s not as good as you remember it.

          • Mfn EX

            I Agree. I Tried Watching The Turtles Shows From My Childhood A While Back And That Show Being From The Late 80’s To 90’s Was Horrible.

          • Im_not_Spider_Man

            The original live action movie is still golden though. It is corny at times, but had sufficient realism and drama to make it a good move regardless of whether or not you liked TMNT. I have always loved the way they portrayed the turtles relationship in the very first live action movie when Raph was severely injured.

          • Mfn EX

            I 2nd Your Statement.

          • Dork Diggler

            No doubt. But the new TMNT is cheesier than a yeast infection and to boot looks like it’s being rendered on an N64…

          • Brutal2D

            How would you know that if you don’t watch it?

            I don’t think you understand how retarded it is to compare CGI animation to a low resolution N64 game. You’re making insane exaggerations here.

            Could you be at least a little accurate about your complaints with the show?

          • Dork Diggler

            Ok you got me. I’m just being an arse.

      • Amen.

    • Derek Evans

      I’m an 80s kid and I like the change…hope to see Raph next!

      • Dork Diggler

        I fully expect Raph to be emo.

        • Mfn EX

          So Evans And Diggler Are The Sheep Loving Bays Teet…

          • Dork Diggler

            Or At Least The Ones Who Aren’t Jumping To Premature Conclusions.

          • Mfn EX

            We Aren’t Either, Were Speaking Of The Licensed Look On An Official Site And Stating What we Disagree With. Your Just A Good Sheep Swallowing For Bay.

          • Dork Diggler

            You haven’t even seen the movie yet and your comments are in relation to a kid’s Halloween version of the upcoming movie. “Your” just complaining about “you’re” assumptions about a product you haven’t seen yet.

          • Mfn EX

            Not Assumptions… The Design Moron…

            Did You Even Read Anything That The Admin That Posted The Picture Said?

            “Thankfully, today we can show you something that will really give you a sense for what to expect.”

            It’s Not Assumptions Idiot. Now Go Be A Good Bay Daddy’s Girl, And Remember… He Likes For You To Look Him In The Eyes As You Swallow.

          • Dork Diggler

            To get that worked up over children’s costume version of something you haven’t seen only betrays how intelligent you really are! I am sorry you were never able to date a girl below the heavyweight class and therefore have a bone to pick with the likes of Megan Fox.

          • Derek Evans

            I don’t love everything but I’m not going to jump on the hate wagon because of one photo of a shitty kids halloween costume

  • beetleborg33

    What are we Lizard from ASPM

  • Fat Head Frank

    WOW, even TMNT promotes anorexic-looking actors….or perhaps bulimics (given their propensity for pizza, I don’t see how else they can remain so thin).

    • chumchum

      This is a child’s costume, A. CHILD’S. COSTUME.

      • Fat Head Frank

        Children shouldn’t be steered towards anorexia either. Just look at Honey BooBoo. She’s doing fine….

  • beetleborg33

    Money will be saved

  • Justafan

    This has nothing to do with times have changed BS. Mickey Mouse house evolved over the years. But not much has really changed. And people love him. Today tmnt has gone away from what made them really sucessful in the 90s. The 90s turtle look was at the top of its game. This is just garbage!

    • WillIS Wood

      Exactly! Fuck the new generation bandwagon bullshit. TMNT belongs to the parents of the kids who watch that new shit. I love the original turtles, Tho the 3rd movie sucked the comics and the first cartoon was right on. I refuse to acknowledge the new cartoon because for some reason everyone in Hollywood has to make garbage and everyone watching eats it up. I introduced my kids to the older one, then the newer one. They hate the newer one.

      • GodsAdvised

        The new cartoon is legit. I love the old ones, and the 2003 series, and the new one. I think the team dynamic in the new cartoon might be the best yet. Also, the fact that their father hates the new cartoon may have influenced your children…just sayin

      • Derek Evans

        TMNT belongs to everyone….deal with it

        • Mfn EX

          No Matter What Anyone Says, Evans And Diggler Will Be Completely In The Right, And Nothing Else Is True… They Are The All Knowing Sheep, And Our Logical Opinions Matter Noting To The Bay Turtle Teet Gods.

          And Superman Hasn’t Been Changed In Such An Aesthetic Way That Would Be A Cause For Concern. So Your Stupid superman Analogy Has No Point Made.

          • Dork Diggler


          • Mfn EX

            I Said Logical, Princess.

            Logical Opinion = A Personal View Based Off Of Inexorable Truth.

            And The Truth Is…

            “Thankfully, today we can show you something that will really give you a sense for what to expect.”

          • Brutal2D

            You mean subjective opinion. There is no such thing called “logical opinion” Unless you’re making a new slang word?

          • Mfn EX

            Slang, No.

            It Makes Sense To Me…

            Logical Opinion = A Personal View Based Off Of Inexorable Truth.

          • Brutal2D

            Eating peanut butter sandwich with jalapeno Cheetos makes sense to me, doesn’t mean I can call it what it’s not.

            And considering the context of this: This is not truths, this is about subjective material. It’s all perspective and personal taste. There is no inexorable truth when it comes to opinions.

          • Mfn EX

            ” Thankfully, today we can show you something that will really give you a sense for what to expect. “

          • Mfn EX

            This Is Around What I’m Hoping For.

          • Mfn EX

            I Couldn’t Care Less.

          • Brutal2D

            If you could care a less, why are you informing me?

          • Mfn EX

            It Makes Sense To Me, I Gave You A Definition Of What It Means. The Fact Is That The Costume Is From The Movie Character’s Design.

            My Opinions Are Logic Based. Not Based On Some Off The Wall Crap that I’m Making Up.

          • Brutal2D

            Why are you replying to yourself?

          • Mfn EX

            I’m Splitting My Reply Up So When I Get To Where I Say Something Vulgar To You, The Only Part That Will Be Deleted Is My Vulgarity…

          • Brutal2D

            Oh I see, so that’s the limit to your vocabulary? Aren’t you the big boy.

          • Mfn EX

            No Limit. I Just Feel That You Need To Go Fck Yourself, Brutally.

          • Brutal2D

            Oh clever. I almost didn’t think someone who doesn’t understand how capitalization works to conjure such a witty and wise way to utilize my name all because he’s a little butt hurt.

            Cry harder, maybe someone will care. Maybe.

          • Mfn EX

            You Seem As Though you Have Practiced Belittling And Talking Sht.

            Hold Onto That Life Skill. The World Definitely Needs More Douches.

          • Brutal2D

            I figure you would know that considering you had to use vulgarity to get his message across because you’re all too passionate about…something. I’m not sure what your point here is anymore.

          • Mfn EX

            This All Derived From You Trying To Down Me Based Off Of How I Word My Words (Pick That Apart And Talk Down About It).

            Then You Talk Smack About How I Use Caps.

            You = Piece Of Sht + Douche

            It’s Elementary.

          • Brutal2D

            Okay I will pick it apart. You used a made up term not even existing in the English language for starters and then gets butt hurt when someone points out you just made up a phrase because you wanted to sound educated while continuously needing to come off “edgy” and bad boy while feeling the need to convey emotion by using simplistic and basic forms of words of vulgarity because you actually more than likely lack proper education.

            And yet you still continue to capitalize every word.

            You+Making up words+Getting butt hurt=Cry baby

            If it’s elementary, why are you failing the basics of English? A 2nd grader could convey information and thought more clearer without the use of coming off like he was kicked out of jr high for smoking in the kids bathroom.

            You’re not even arguing about anything anymore, nothing related to TMNT.

            You really need to rethink a little bit of this captain angry.

          • Mfn EX

            You Stared On Me You POS. You Instigated This And Clearly Are The Type Who Likes Talking Smack On The Internet Behind The Comfort Of A Screen. You Can Draw Things Out And Type As Much Crap As You Want But I’m Almost Certain That You Wouldn’t Say Any Of This To Me If You Were In My Presence.

            So Keep Talking The Crap That You Love You Talk. Fabricate More Sht Talk. At The End Of The Day I Was Never Angry, Just Standing My Ground And Your Still A POS.

          • Brutal2D

            “You Stared On Me You POS. You Instigated This And Clearly Are The Type
            Who Likes Talking Smack On The Internet Behind The Comfort Of A Screen.
            You Can Draw Things Out And Type As Much Crap As You Want But I’m Almost
            Certain That You Wouldn’t Say Any Of This To Me If You Were In My

            Ladies and gentlemen: The infamous “tough guy on the internet” meme still exists!

            Yeah, no. You mad. No one tries to go all macho and whiny like this DAYS LATER on an article that is old news if they’re not mad.

            You’re super butt hurt.

          • Mfn EX

            If You Say So… I Know That There’s No Winning An Argument With A Woman.

            So You And Your Tucked Three Inches Can Keep On. I’ll Let You Have The Last Word After This B/c That’s What Shuts Women, Like You, Up.

          • Brutal2D

            Of course I’ll get the last word in. Your brain can’t even form proper sentences besides scrapping at the bottom calling me a woman? So are you saying a woman can beat you?

            You just get more and more pathetic.

          • Mfn EX


            Hey Y’all, How Are You Doing Within This Fine Winter Weather We’re Having?

            Warm I Hope… ( :

            I Would Like To Take A Minute Of Your Time To Discuss Douches…

            A Douche Is Something That Is Found Making A Half-A$$ Attempt Towards Cleaning A Filthy Vagina.

            It Comes Off As If It Were To Be Doing Something Beneficial When In Reality It’s Just A Douche.

            It Is A Front For A Stinky Vagina, In Which Is A Lonely Vagina Because It Dose Things To Be Favored. Even Though It’s Just a Tucked Small Dck… (Brutal2D(2D Means 2″ Dck…))

            Anyhow, This Douche Tends To Troll Everyone As He/She Can, Like The VD That He/She Has.

            If This Loser Douche Happens Your Way, Just Call It A Douche As It Is And Carry On.

            That’ll Do Douche, That’ll Do…

          • Dork Diggler

            In the world of critical thinking we would call this a “position” not a ” logical opinion.” I’ll explain it further when you’re serving my kids Happy Meals that include Michael Bay’s version of the turtles.

          • Dork Diggler

            “It Makes Sense To Me…”

            This explains your comments here. You ramble on about things that make sense to you.

          • Dork Diggler

            His vocabulary isn’t broad enough to encompass the word “position,” so he uses “logical opinion” to fill in the gap, when he decides to intellectualize.

          • Dork Diggler

            “logical opinion.” You really need to stop “intellectualizing”

          • Derek Evans

            What Superman analogy? I didn’t even mention him

          • Dork Diggler

            “And Superman Hasn’t Been Changed In Such An Aesthetic Way That Would Be A Cause For Concern.”

            I love how you just make up your own criteria are you go along. Is this part of your “logical opinion?”

        • Bob Don’t worry about it

          You’re an idiot Derek. Why do people like you have to add things like “deal with it” at the end of your statements? You are not trying to understand or appreciate why people on here feel the way they do. You just disagree with everyone and it bothers you so much that these people don’t think like you that you say dumb things and take shots at people to try to make them feel stupid. But like everyone else, what you have to say is just your opinion and you’re not changing anyone’s mind. “TMNT belongs to everyone” while I understand what you’re saying, you still don’t get it. You’re defining the word “belong” in a different way than WilllS Wood is. But anyways, if you’re not going to understand or empathize with anyone here, then you should just STFU.

      • Dork Diggler

        Right…and Superman belongs to the Baby Boomers…

  • This is everything The Simpsons did with Poochie

  • Bryan Moreci

    Absolutely horrible. HAHAHA. It’s laughable how bad this is.

  • chumchum

    A naked turtle is a happy turtle, says outraged Turtle fans.

    • Fat Head Frank

      This is just wrong. We should not be teaching kids that it’s ok to just walk around naked. Just look at all the damage Winnie the Pooh caused…

      • Derek Evans

        Pooh wore a tshirt, no pants…what a weirdo

  • Greg Cook

    How many of the ninja turtle costumes that came out actually looked like the movie / cartoon?…. None! They all paled in comparison. Even the toys never really. looked like the ones. on T.V.. But we all stilled loved the show! I don’t think anyone can give an honest review on how they look before seeing the actual design.. I do however, think we will all be pleasantly surprised in the end.. 🙂

  • shadowlord148

    the mouth and nose bit i dont like..i mean their turtles they have no noses they have beaks, but other than that im ok with the look. looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • Chloe Rose

    That’s some pretty terrible photoshop right there. If you want to be angry about something, be angry about Michael Bay and Megan Fox, not this weird not-spoiler crop-job.

    • Dork Diggler

      I am angry that Megan Fox will be wearing clothes…

      • Brutal2D

        Just google her in that one scene in that movie “jennifers body”.

        There, problem solved.

  • Anon

    looks like a shrek photoshoped on the mask.. or is it just me

  • Russ

    This is Good!!!! Finally somebody has the balls to change their looks after 25+ years! I grew with the same passion the rest of you guys have for them and i’m beyond happy that they didn’t give them the same OLD look. It was time for a change. Besides, they will look even better in CGI.

    • Melwing

      They’ve looked drastically different in each new iteration of the franchise, so I’m not sure what you mean. But Ia gree, it looks alright. 🙂

    • Brutal2D

      They’ve changed their appearance in literally every new show, comic and movie adaption and video games. What are you talking about?

  • …of course they have tattoos…

  • poochie


  • Chris M

    Looks like Jim Carey in The Mask

  • Carlos Shabo

    Doesnt look terrible but i think it can be better

  • LegacyJedi Endordude

    Meh, It could be better but it could be worse. I don’t love it or hate it. I guess we’ll see.

  • Todd

    Very badly photoshopped is being way too kind. A monkey with MS could have done a better job than the troll who made this. Part of this is the Lizard from the Amazing Spider-Man movie, the mask is from the late 80s when the first TMNT movie came out, and YES those pants are from ENTERPRISE.

  • Smmmmoking

    HORRIBLE! What kid would want to dress up as this for Halloween? Looks like The Mask found the Turtle lair and a thrift store.

  • Donnoatello

    Well, from the look of it I’m not too encouraged, but its still too early to tell if its a mess or a masterpiece.

  • Victor Polk

    Honestly, I think its pretty cool. Come on you people, you all need to stop hate anything that is new, but I really hope that this movie would will be actually good.

    • Brutal2D

      If by cool you mean makes absolutely no sense why he would need a sweatshirt that he can’t even wear, uneven pants, and necklaces that serves absolutely no purpose for a ninja besides making clanging sounds?

      And why the sunglasses? They can’t even go out in the day time.

      “Come on you people, you all need to stop hate anything that is new, but I
      really hope that this movie would will be actually good.”

      It’s not the “new” part we don’t like, stop making wild assumptions. We hate it because it’s terrible design choices.

      • Victor Polk

        I see what you’re saying. I hope that tattoo on Michelangelo’s left arm will actually be just a drawing paint, or used tattoo transfer paper that was homemade.

  • Brutal2D

    “We’re unveiling the Michelangelo image today, but don’t worry Turtles fans, we’ll be revealing the other Turtles shortly.”

    Please, please don’t…

    And how the hell did Mikey get a tattoo? Donnie?

  • Tmnt forever

    I’m sure they’re having a blast getting the fanboys’ manties in a bunch. (Lord knows I would.) You know they won’t make them look this bad.

    • Brutal2D

      I’m sorry, have you never seen film adaptions before? Ever?

  • sabofrfly

    i like it, i’m done with nostalgia, we had a good 15 year run of the turtles looking like they did in the 80’s. Then pretty much had the 2000’s era look, and now the cutesy nickelodeon look. I;m ready for something different and new and I hope they kick butt.

  • RedRocBoy

    This is honestly my most wanted movie this year. It’s gonna be a big year eith alot of good movies but I’m so excited for this movie. I hope it’s not a kids movie but more a action flick rated PG-13. Cause we had the kiddie stuff before this is a new generation and technology can do some amazing stuff with the turtles. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

    • Brutal2D

      What did I just read? What are you even talking about?

  • John Madden

    Someone should beat that kid up!

    • Brutal2D

      He doesn’t need beating externally.

      Inside he’s already dead.

  • Mfn EX

    Since We’ve Got Us A Healthy Argument Going On, I Want To Take A Census.

    What Year Were You Born (Everyone), And Don’t Lie. I Want To These Mindsets Vs Age. Plus, If You Were Born After ’87 You Aren’t An 80’s Kid. You Are An 80’s Toddler Or Infant.

    MFN Me = January 1984

    • Brutal2D

      June 8th 1985 (Year anniversary of Ghostbusters)

    • Jae Xerrano


  • Ben Caesar

    This cannot be real.

  • Joshua William Neeley

    This is definitely fake. Anyone with a grain of Photoshop experience could tell this is fake. We all dislike Michael Bay, sure, but the Transformers looked “cool” and “marketable.” The ultimate goal of these sorts of movies are merchandising. Just look up why the original cartoon was created. One word. Toys. This is obviously a hodge podge of many different halloween costumes from many different franchises. It doesn’t look like something “marketable” or “cool” that anyone would buy. Simply put, no producer would let this happen.

    Just look at the hand holding the chuck and the tattoo…they look “attached.” And why is the nunchucks solid black? Unless you buy your costume at the dollar tree there isn’t a single accessory in a halloween costume, especially tmnt related, that doesn’t have some sort of detail.

    This is totally fake. This movie has attracted so much hate that there are now people going out of their way to feed the fire.

    As for me, I don’t have alot of hope for this film being anything special and I’m not going to hold my breath. But I am going to reserve judgement till official marketing materials released and…well…the actual movie.

    • twentyseventheaven

      Pffft yeah ok. Fake… *facepalm*

    • billG11785

      Look closely at any costume catalogue, toy catalogue,Sunday circular ads (heck even JC Pennys Christmas catalogue) most pictures in them are clearly edited or photoshopped,its just part of the business.i think that’s what we see in this case. Its already been announced that Bays Turtles will have tattoos and individual “outfits” -including Mikey wearing shorts and a sweatshirt wrapped around his waist. So this part is already accurately portrayed in the costume. I think its real, but most likely will only party resemble the completed look of the turtles on film, like most costumes do.

  • Gooseworx

    Eww… They have lips.

  • Leo


    • twentyseventheaven

      Yeah God, stop hating! Alright?! It looks ridiculous. People are allowed to hate… if they hate it. Ya derp!

      • Leo

        I don’t care people should at least wait when the movie comes out

  • Andrew Büttasse

    This is a fun thing to make fun of but an odd thing to be mad at. Let’s try to dial back the outrage when a modern update of a hackey, extended toy commerical remains a hackey, extended toy commercial. ha.

  • Bushi Yoshi

    so does the fact you have been contacted and thus removed the image mean that you won’t be showing the others?

  • Adam

    So does this mean you’re not going to show the other turtles now?

  • dfdfdfdf

    people…….its a cheapo horrible children s costume. its not gonna look like that in the movie. THink of how bad a hulk or wolverine kids costume looks?

  • electriwolf

    i do not care about the pants or the sun glasses or the other things but…. the face is fucking horrible i mean he looks like shrek…. here they come teenage mutant ninja shreks

  • Yomama

    I actually found pictures of the figures on tumblr and just… wow. The only one I really liked was leo’s. The samurai armor ain’t too bad lookin’ on ‘im. And I don’t know if it just cuz the costume but mike’s is probably the worst lookin’.

  • Daniel

    Just like on a black nerd video

  • Daniel

    Is that the uncensored photo of Muhammad

  • KrampusStylus

    Ha! As if Michael Bay would use something as “primitive” as costumes. We all know the TMNT movie will be filled to the brim with CG, explosions and patronizing images of the US military. Just like all his other movies.