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Ninja Turtles Buried Secrets

TMNT – “Buried Secrets” Review

“What the heck is a Kraang spaceship doing under my house?” – April O’Neil   The turtles and their friends are doing a little cleaning up around their new home, but when Donatello and Casey try outdoing each other yet again for April’s affection, Michelangelo’s… Read more »


Top 5 Moments from NYCC 2014 TMNT Panel

Over the past weekend, the New York Comic Convention took the geek world by storm, and fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles definitely weren’t left out of the loop. In fact, there was a really cool panel featuring some of the more notable voice actors… Read more »


TMNT – “A Foot Too Big” Review

“I-It looks like the mythical Sasquatch.  Bigfoot!” – Donatello   Deep in the woods, a lone hunter named The Finger is searching for dangerous prey.  Unfortunately, he becomes the prey, and is attacked by an ape-like creature.  The next day, Donatello makes a beautiful present… Read more »

TMNT Within the Woods 2

TMNT – “Within the Woods” Review

“He’s all leafy and weird lookin’!  Like a salad!” – Michelangelo   The turtles failed to stop the Kraang invasion, and have fled to the old O’Neil family farmhouse.  With Leonardo hurt and Master Splinter missing, the boys and their friends can only bide their… Read more »

TMNT Season 3

TMNT Season Three Predictions

With season two now wrapped and the stakes higher than ever, Nickelodeon is ready to continue the TMNT train right along and begin season three immediately.  So what’s in store for the heroes in green now that their city and home are in ruins, their… Read more »

TMNT The Invasion

TMNT – “The Invasion” Review

“They’re already infiltrating!  They’re here!” – Casey Jones   Shredder is mourning the loss of his adopted daughter, but the time of the Kraang invasion is almost at hand.  If Shredder helps the aliens conquer the world, they will turn over the turtles and mutate… Read more »


TMNT 30th Anniversary Giveaway

Update: Winners will be emailed Monday, September 29, 2014 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had an excellent 30th anniversary so far and wants to give fans what they deserve, free Ultimate History merchandise! Our giveaway will provide four (4) lucky winners with Ultimate History… Read more »

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