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TMNT The Invasion

TMNT – “The Invasion” Review

“They’re already infiltrating!  They’re here!” – Casey Jones   Shredder is mourning the loss of his adopted daughter, but the time of the Kraang invasion is almost at hand.  If Shredder helps the aliens conquer the world, they will turn over the turtles and mutate… Read more »


TMNT 30th Anniversary Giveaway

Update: Winners will be emailed Monday, September 29, 2014 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had an excellent 30th anniversary so far and wants to give fans what they deserve, free Ultimate History merchandise! Our giveaway will provide four (4) lucky winners with Ultimate History… Read more »

TMNT Videos

Turtley Awesome Videos Getting Nerdy With TMNT

It’s time yet again for another set of turtley awesome videos that show some love for everyone’s favorite heroes in a half shell. This week, we’ve got a selection of especially nerdy videos which go in depth on the subject of the Teenage Mutant Ninja… Read more »

Into Dimension X TMNT Nickelodeon

TMNT – “Into Dimension X” Review

“Turtles, the Kraang have perfected the mutagen…” – Leatherhead   Leatherhead is alive and on the run in Dimension X.  Escaping briefly from the Kraang, he tries to contact the turtles on Earth, but he’s quickly captured before finishing his message.  Meanwhile Donatello is hard… Read more »

Mondo TMNT Poster 4

Mondo TMNT Posters Sold Out in Roughly 24 Hours

A few weeks ago, we brought you the news that Mondo would be producing some pretty awesome TMNT toys. What we didn’t know was that they would also be releasing a set of four new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters inspired by our heroes in… Read more »

TMNT A Chinatown Ghost Story 2

TMNT – “A Chinatown Ghost Story” Review

“You may now bow before your new master, Ho Chan.” – Ho Chan While out on patrol for Karai, Donatello, April O’Neil, and Casey Jones come across Purple Dragons breaking into a museum.  They rush in to stop the gang, but the bad guys manage… Read more »

TMNT Leonardo Fathead

Product Review – Leonardo Fathead Decal

With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blowing up both the big and small screens once again, their stock is higher than ever.  The best way to capitalize on that popularity is to license the characters and the name, and allow companies that make exceptional products… Read more »

TMNT Nerd Block

Nerd Block Giveaway

UPDATE: Winners will be emailed 9/10 @ 2:00 EST. We have been presented with a beautiful opportunity to work with Nerd Block. This company provides a box filled with goodies to your doorstep for a low monthly cost. It’s like a having a personal shopper… Read more »

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